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At one time a college degree was enough to get a professional, well-paying job. That is no longer true.
Research tells us that students who focus on career preparation early have better success in the job market and at graduation.
We are turning parents into the best career coach their student could ask for.

Affordable Training and Coaching for Parents, Students, and Counselors

Even a little bit of know-how can transform conversations with your student that lead to better career management choices.

What Educators Are Saying

"Your information should be in the hands of all our parents and kids." -Boo Williams, AAU Coach Hampton Roads, Virginia

"Our parents and kids need this information." -Clarence Wilson, Director, NAACP Williamsburg, Virginia

"Holland's approach is the best fit with what we are trying to accomplish I have ever seen." -Jim Pignataro, Executive Associate Athletic Director, Michigan State University

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