What a few people are saying about College to Career Catalyst and Bill Holland.

“Bill Holland has a sophisticated understanding of what is happening in the job market and what to do about it on a personal level”

-Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dime and Bait and Switch

“Why isn’t the information that Dr. Holland has available to all parents”

-Parent with 3 kids in college

“Holland’s approach is a good fit with what we are trying to accomplish”

-Jim Pignataro , Executive Associate Athletic Director, Michigan State University

“Our parents and kids need this information”

-Clarence Wilson, Director, NAACP Williamsburg, Virginia

“I know of a number of NBA players with basketball camps who could use help with the educational component to what they do—this book/your approach works”

-Milt Barnes, NBA scout Minnesota Timberwolves

“Holland’s books are a must read for parents nation-wide”

-Dr. Pam Rambo, Principal Owner, Rambo Research and Consulting

“I look forward to working with you to help develop our parent outreach program.”

-Troy Kase, Director Career Services and Internship Programs, Albion College

“Your information should be in the hands of all our parents and kids.”

-Boo Williams, AAU Coach Hampton Roads, Virginia

“Bill Holland’s deep and wide knowledge of the current employment landscape means he can offer real-time advice on what companies want and how young job seekers should approach them. Mr. Holland helped our son tailor his resume and his approach with great results.”

-Kathryn Canavan, journalist, author, and parent

“Do not waste your time trying to navigate the minefield of the job market alone! Bill Holland has sorted out the needs of hiring managers and how to align those needs with the skills of the recent graduate into a concise and easy to use system. I recently used Bill’s techniques (with great success) in my job search after finishing graduate school. I am most thankful for his expertise in this area and I continue to use these ideas to this day.”
-Douglas Neal, PhD & Senior Research Engineer, LaVision, Inc.

“Bill’s guidance helped turn my resume from a generic laundry list of tasks I had completed, into a results-focused testament of my value to potential employers. I experienced results almost instantly with more call-backs and more interviews. The methodology of Bill’s program not only helped me get in the door with more employers, it helped me gain a better sense of direction and successfully transition into a career that I love.”

-Laura Decker, Sr. Financial Services Representative (Full disclosure–Laura is Bill’s niece)