The Team

Bill Holland was the catalyst for bringing together this team of talented colleagues to work on behalf of students, parents and educational institutions who value the progression of individuals from college to career.

They are the principal founders of College to Career Catalyst, LLC with expertise in higher education, executive business management, career management consulting, entrepreneurial start-ups and much more.

Alexandra (Allie) Shaffer

Allie’s background has included public relations and multi-media events management for the fashion industry. She is founder and CEO of G2 Collective responsible for production, visioning, design, development and quality assurance. Alexandra is also the Vice President of Client Services at BeamPines Inc. She is an experienced Career Counselor and was instrumental in redesigning the … Continue reading Alexandra (Allie) Shaffer

Bill Holland, PhD

Bill is an award-winning college professor, business executive, and author of four books on career management. He’s worked with outstanding companies such as PepsiCo, Chase Manhattan Bank, Andersen Consulting, Right Management and the University of Pennsylvania. Bill understands the path from college to career and has worked with thousands of students and parents to help … Continue reading Bill Holland, PhD

Jay Santamaria

Jay is currently the CEO and President of BeamPines and brings a wealth of experience to human resources consulting and talent management as a result of more than thirty years in diverse executive positions. These include senior roles at RJR Nabisco and International Telephone and Telegraph. He has a proven track record in coaching and mentoring … Continue reading Jay Santamaria