Jay Santamaria

Jay is currently the CEO and President of BeamPines and brings a wealth of experience to human resources consulting and talent management as a result of more than thirty years in diverse executive positions. These include senior roles at RJR Nabisco and International Telephone and Telegraph.

He has a proven track record in coaching and mentoring business leaders as well as in organizational design, process re-engineering, cultural re-orientation, labor negotiations, and training. He has recruited and coached senior operating managers and executives in the US and abroad and is recognized by colleagues and peers as a thoughtful and insightful resource when business-driven strategies and real world implementations are required.

Many of Jay’s coaching clients include general managers, operations, sales, marketing, and supply chain executives. In addition, he is enthusiastic about developing business leadership competency with staff executives and supporting cultural and diversity initiatives.  

Jay signed up with College to career catalyst based on his 20 years’ experience in career counseling, his perspective as the father of four college grads and his role as mentor to countless matriculating offspring of his many clients. He sees this program as a real and urgent need that is not adequately addressed.