Are There Any Good Jobs Left?

This book is for and about the millions of people who are between jobs (code for "out of work"), have been between jobs, or know of someone who has been.

It is about how to navigate the transition from...

  • Employment-for-life
  • Career development support
  • Company-sponsored pension

To being...

  • Outsourced
  • Downsized
  • And replaced


More than a manual for job searches and career-building strategies, Are There Any Good Jobs Left? helps readers interpret trends, assess such temptations as leaving the corporate rat race for the entrepreneurial life and considers the ethics of constant networking.

The book is not so much an indictment of corporate disloyalty as an explanation of the phenomenon, and a guidebook for anyone faced with job transition, change, or growth in today’s turbulent environment.

About The Author: Bill Holland

bio_billhollandBill was a Big Ten scholarship football player who raised and coached two successful sons. He’s an award-winning college professor, business executive, nationally recognized career management guru, author of four books on career management and the principal founder of College to Career Catalyst, LLC.