The Path From Backpack to Briefcase: A Parent’s Guide

Getting into a good school is no longer enough for career success. Today’s path to career survival and prosperity is different. It starts as a freshman in college. This insightful and helpful book, “The Path From Backpack to Briefcase” explains why things have changed and what parents and students can do about it.

the path from backpack to briefcase

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The Path

P=Parent / Student Partnership

How to talk so your kids will listen

5 Things to talk about

5 Golden rules for effective parent counseling

A= Achieving Academic and Career Success

Academic and career success made easier

Hard work hasn’t gone out of style

Neither has focus

T=Treating College as a Four Year Job Search

A visit that remains important

How to tell if your school takes career readiness seriously

Is your career services center up to snuff?

Skills employers want to see in recent college graduates

Skill development made easy

Extra skill development tips

H=Hear to be Heard

How to help your student survive

10 tips for survival

Beyond survival

Networking: Are you serious?

I know they can tweet, but can they communicate?

Bonus Content

Boomerang Kids: A Family Saga Revisited

The end game

Guidelines for handling boomerang kids

Late bloomers and more

Stay the course

Struggle not the same as failure

GED or PhD—the rules are the same

The for-profit controversy

Ways to pay for college

Traditionally underserved kids

About The Author: Bill Holland


bio_billhollandBill was a Big Ten scholarship football player who raised and coached two successful sons. He’s an award-winning college professor, business executive, nationally recognized career management guru, author of four books on career management and the principal founder of College to Career Catalyst, LLC.