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Parents of Blue Chip Athletes Need More for their Student than a College Degree

Parents and recruits know the odds of making a living as a professional athlete are astronomically long. And even when talent and good fortune allows them to play at the next level, professional careers are remarkably short. That’s why athletic departments have support programs in place that improve a recruit’s chances of earning a college degree—one that serves as a back up plan.

What Grandparents Can Do

At the tender age of 9 Kasey is already programed to tell anyone who will listen that she plans to attend Stanford University. Does this sound like your grandchild? Though you may be happy to see that they have a high level of personal ambition, if you are like the rest of us you probably don’t know what else to do beyond offering an accepting nod of approval, a smile and perhaps of some version of “atta-girl” as encouragement.