Landing Your First Professional Job At Graduation

We told our kids to do well high school to get into a good college and land a good job. Today, another message is necessary.  A college degree no longer carries the career promises it once did.

Landing your first professional job after college is more difficult and important than ever.

Human resource executives tell us that the typical college graduate does not know how to look for a job—and that includes everything from the application process to interviewing, networking, using references effectively and working with others on the job.  If you are concerned that this could describe you (or your college graduate), we are here to help.

This training program is a combination of online presentations, exercises, and individual counselor feedback.  All of it designed to ensure your successful employment after graduation.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • When to start your job search and what to do if you’ve missed that deadline.  Job searches are best started at the beginning of the junior year.  All is not lost however if you are late.  This course helps you recapture lost time.
  • Where to start your job search:  Failure to find a professional job after college has a lot to do with starting in the right place.  Many people believe that to be with their resume.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
  • How to keep your resume from falling into the infamous BLACK HOLE—that’s where employers are so uninterested in you that they never bother to comment on your application.
  • What to do to develop a “killer” resume and get it in the hands of the right companies.
  • Why such things as coaching your references, understanding how to demonstrate the basic skills practically every employer wants to see, and negotiating job offers are critically important to your candidacy.

This training is a great gift for parents to students.

Expected initial course offering: May 2016. Price: $799

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