Take My Hip – Please! Day 3

A decision on replacing the left side of my ass


More thoughts from the Colonial Capital, helped by my friend Thomas Jefferson here:

I have gone from feeling as if surgery is down the path a way to realizing that it is just around the corner. Am I nervous? Or have I calmed to the point of thinking this too shall pass and everything will be okay? Neither! To be honest, I’m a little scared. Not as scared as I am on a bumpy flight, but scared nonetheless.

It’s to the point that I wished I had paid more attention to the instructions which the hospital gave me about exercising to get in better shape. They sell this approach on the promise that recovery will go much better if you follow their instructions.

The truth is I have done what they told me. Kind of. It’s not my fault that those “daily” exercises I have faithfully completed are supposed to be done three times a day. Wow! I had better get going!

Of course, both you and I know what’s wrong with this approach. It’s like the person who plays golf 3 or 4 times a year and really wants to play well at the company outing next week. The best she can do now is to get to the driving range an hour or so before tee time to get her swing down. It’s not going to work. I wonder if I am destined for a similar fate?

I have now made a firm commitment to doing those exercises at least three times a day and even more if my joints can take it.

At this point, my instincts are to keep on writing about what’s on my mind. But to do so without focusing on the reader is a major violation of what is said about some of the best advice I have received about writing: “Always write with your audience in mind.”

As such, I now share with you some of my upcoming topics. I am writing about these things from your viewpoint; i.e., that of the patient, which is what I am! Here is what I am thinking about:

Why I want to be the first operation of the day.
Is it true that some on the surgeon’s team members have the wrong title?
My care-giver at home also needs care. (Are you in this position?)
Pain control!
How long do I have to stay?
Will my newly acquired mobility post-surgery be as successful as I hope?
How will my life change?

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