Take My Hip-Please! Day 4

A decision on replacing the left side of my ass! #hipreplacement surgery

I found out today that my wish to be the first surgery of the day has been granted. No, it is not that they are doing me special favors. It’s that diabetics have more complications during surgery, and there are only two of the eight scheduled that day with the affliction. So, there was a 50/50 chance I would be scheduled first, anyway. My request simply pushed the odds in my direction.

But why first? I have heard, but have not confirmed, that my surgeon does at least eight in a single day. I want the guy to be fresh and ready to go. Who knows how tired he gets replacing joints?

The other unconfirmed rumor is that he alternates between hip and knee in successive operations. I haven’t asked and have no idea if these things are true. It is true, however, that my guy looks like a 35-year-old hippie-and-fitness freak. The women all think he is great. The men don’t care. They only care that he is respected all over as one of the best in the business and that he offers a relatively new implant called a “Jiffy Hip.” He’s my guy!

The procedure has a much smaller incision running front to the side, and the muscles are separated without being severed. That’s why you are up and walking the same day of surgery, and recovery time is reputedly shorter. Our friend Alissa just had her hip replaced, and she is already off to Europe on a cruise.

I have received a lot of reactions from friends. Those who have gone through the operation claim that it’s easy. But they are saying this after the fact. Those who have not needed a hip replacement offer prayers for me. Those who are still in the contemplation stage simply do not know. I think these are people who need to know about “Jiffy Hip.”

Maybe you could help me help those contemplating this surgery by posting this series of articles I am writing in your social media accounts. Together, we can inform and encourage confidence for people who undoubtedly would need it!

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