How to prepare your student for college and then career: Guaranteed! 


  • It makes college worth the cost
  • Students accept responsibility for their own careers
  • Parents are positioned as counselors/helpers rather than as nags/naysayers

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  • My parental guide “How and when to start the college conversation.” (a $20.00 value — FREE!)
  • E Copy of my latest book The Path from Backpack to Briefcase: A Parent’s Guide. (Discounted to $7.00–from the paperback edition cost of $17.50)
  • An even more deeply discounted offer to enroll in my online coronavirus-safe course How to Treat College as a 4-Year Job Search

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Meet Bill Holland, PhD

Bill’s books of expertise in college and career draw strongly from his life experiences. He can boast having been a Big Ten scholarship football player who raised and coached two sons who are successful in athletics and career. As an award-winning college professor, business executive and nationally recognized career management guru, he has also authored four books which have helped many navigate the confusing waters of education and career.

Here is what some people are saying about Dr. Holland and his fail-safe opportunity to secure your student’s future:

Dr. Holland’s work makes common cause of career objectives of students, parents and the university.

Peter Doris

Management Consulting Guru

Bill Holland has a sophisticated understanding of what s happening in the job market and what to do about it on a personal level.

Barbara Ehrenriech

Distinguished author, Nickeled and Dimed and Bait and Switch

Bill Holland’s deep and wide knowledge of the current employment landscape means he can offer real time advice on what employers want and how young job seekers should approach them. Mr. Holland helped our son tailor his approach with great results.

Kathryn Canavan

journalist, author, and parent

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