The Path From Backpack to Briefcase: A Parent’s Guide

Parents today know that sending their kids to college is necessary if they want them to get ahead in life. But between global competition, where a college degree isn’t the guarantee it once was, and skyrocketing tuition fees, parents want to know if there’s more they can do to help their college students succeed in landing professional employment after graduation.

The Path From Backpack to Briefcase: A Parent’s Guide by R. William Holland responds to the specific needs of today’s parents.

With this one-of-a-kind guide, you will learn how to be an effective parent-counselor, helping your student to use each year of undergraduate schooling to develop a portfolio of experiences and attributes that employers will find attractive, regardless of academic major.

Drawing on his own experience as a college professor and business executive, Holland provides tips on what parents should do as well as insight on how to do it. His one requirement: Get started now! It’s the best—and easiest—way to get traction in the new job market.

Starting at the beginning with why you need to be involved and how to form a strong parent-student partnership, The Path From Backpack to Briefcase shows you how to get the most out of your investment in your child’s future. Get started now by buying The Path from Backpack to Briefcase: A Parent’s Guide now on Amazon. Available in e-book and print. Simply click this link for more information and reviews of the book: