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Bill has worked with a number of institutions and organizations to help them deliver on their commitment to educational success.  In particular, Bill has designed programs that promote higher levels of success for institutions attempting to prove themselves to a broader audience.  These programs are of particular interest to community and small liberal arts institutions interested in how to link their education and training to the new job market. 

Bill has worked with and presented to Albion College, Kellogg Community College, Michigan State University and others.  The GEAR UP program in Ogden, Utah considered his work important enough to provide a copy of his latest book (The path from backpack to briefcase: A parent’s guide) to each of 435 graduating high school seniors.  

Please feel free to schedule a consultation.  You will find it worth your while.  

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Bill speaks on topics related to thriving in the new job market, job search/career counseling, performance coaching and effective interviewing skills. He frequently speaks on the impact globalization and technology has on the job market and what individuals can do to survive and prosper.

Special attention is given to:

  • Parents who want to provide career direction for their college-aged children.
  • Recent graduates looking to land their first professional job.
  • Experienced job seekers and career changers.
  • Companies with employee engagement programs.
  • Alumni associations.

Sample Topics:

  • How to Become Career Ready at Graduation.
  • Getting From Backpack to Briefcase.
  • How to Keep Your Student From Moving Back Home After College.
  • Expert Strategies for Cracking the New Job Market.
  • Making Sure Your Job Search is Successful.
Bill has a particularly sophisticated understanding of what is happening in the job market and what to do about it.
Barbara Ehrenreich

Author of Nickel and Dime and Bait and Switch

He made me laugh and allayed my fears about how my daughter’s major would be received in the job market.

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Bill’s dynamic and groundbreaking new course

Bill will take you through the secret passages of “How to treat college as a 4-year job search.”

Given the cost of college in terms of money and time, it is critically important that this generation of students learns how to make the most of the experience. 

The course will give you (parent, counselor, program administrator and student) the resources you need to give your student a “leg up” in the professional job market at graduation. 

Books By Bill Holland, PhD